Internet Battle Plan
March 11-12
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im Ziegler's highly successful Internet Battle Plan comes roaring back March 9-10 in Houston, TX.


Battle Plan Graduates have given us incredible testimonials for profit increases and market share increases through technology-enabled sales and marketing tips they picked up from the powerful team of experts Ziegler has assembled here:


Brian Barlow

David Blassingame

Sean Bradley

Jennifer Briggs

Carletta Clyatt

  Brian Barlow David Blassingame Sean Bradley Jennifer Briggs Carletta Clyatt  

Jim Flint

Erich Gail

Chris Herman

Bobbie Herron

Christian Jorn

  Jim Flint Erich Gail Chriss Herman Bobbie Herron Christian Jorn  

Elise Kephart

Tammie LeBleu

Manny Luna

Gary May

Eric Miltsch

  Elise Kephart Tammie Lebleu Manny Luna Gary May Eric Miltsch  

Scott Pechstein

Cody Pitchford

Shaun Raines

Kerri Wise

Jim Ziegler

  Scott Pechstein Cody Pitchford Shaun Raines Kerri Wise Jim Ziegler  
Class Schedule
What You Can Expect to Learn at Internet Battle Plan
Internet Battle Plan

Internet Battle Plan XIX Sponsors:

Cardinale Group
Dealer Synergy
Herman Advertising
Dealer Defender
iDrive Media
Pineapple Advertising
Search Engines MD

Your Troops Will Learn:

  • How to maximize existing profit centers and create new ones
  • How to ensure that your dealership doesn't waste a single opportunity to do business
  • How to set up and manage a high-volume high-profit BDC
  • Methods, programs, marketing and advertising secrets to drive floor traffic and phone rraffic
  • Managing e-leads and conversion of contacts into sales
  • Video search engine maximization
  • How to turn your dealership into an Internet sales powerhouse
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn; the guys will show you how to create dealership social community marketing programs that yield incredible returns
  • Growing sales volume... integrating prospective and lead generation programs into day-to-day activities
  • Organization and productivity
  • Stealth marketing techniques to capture sales from your competitors
  • Micro-sites, pseudo-sites and search engine maximization
  • Tips, tools and techniques that produce immediate results
  • Customer relationship management and CSI engineering projects that lead to high average profitability and top-rated CSI scores... building value at ALL levels for customer retention and referrals!

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March 9-10, 2016


Doubletree Hotel Downtown
Houston, TX

Jim & Deb Ziegler

Brian Barlow

CEO - Pineapple Advertising

The anti-car dealership advertising agency! Enter Pineapple Advertising. Big Sales Events, big promises, big lies – we are not!

While 99% of car dealerships focus on big sales events, over promising & under delivering with phrases such as: "we have the best selection, best price and best service" or "now's the best time to buy" or "nobody can beat our deals" Pineapple takes the approach of try story-telling, true real marketable advertising sitting your dealership apart with the highest production value and the greatest storyline to lure your most potential customer to you!

Pineapple isn't a month to month advertising scheme – it's a commitment, it's a standard, it a technique like most markets don't see in car dealership advertising. Brian Barlow, the head Pineapple and Creative Director takes us on a tour of what not to do and why – this is an eye opening presentation about what advertising once was and what it should be now.

Brian will be presenting:

Brian Barlow

Your Commercials Suck! - BUT THEY DON'T HAVE TO!

  • Stop advertising you're different, unless you're telling viewers why
  • Top 10 reasons why your car commercials suck
  • Top 10 things you can do to make the biggest impact with your advertising
  • Why the 10:00/11:00 news is the last time-slot your agency should be buying
  • Take a stand

David E. Blassingame, CVLE

Managing Partner - Autoflex Leasing
Second Vice President -
National Vehicle Leasing Association

David Blassingame is the Managing Partner of Autoflex Leasing and is responsible for the daily operations of the company. His automotive career began 43 years ago. During this time he has been involved in every aspect of the automobile business. He joined Autoflex Leasing as a Leasing Specialist in 1985, became Sales Manager in 1987, and the Senior Vice President in 1992. He was made Managing Partner of Autoflex in 2009.

Mr. Blassingame currently serves on the board of the National Vehicle Leasing Association. He was the President of the Association in 2006-2007 and has served on the Texas State Board of the NVLA in various capacities since 1990. The NVLA recognized his service to the Association in 1999 and 2006 by making him the recipient of The President’s Award. He earned the professional designation CVLE, (Certified Vehicle Leasing Executive), in 1996 and recertified for the designation in 2002, 2007, and 2012.

In 2011 he was asked to be an information resource and later met with representatives of the Federal Trade Commission regarding the consumer leasing industry. The FTC subsequently chose him to represent the consumer leasing business on their Consumer Protection Panel.

David Blassingame

In 2014 David was given the Clemens-Pender Award. The Clemens-Pender Lessor of the Year Award is the highest honor to be awarded by the NVLA. It is given to the lessor who best exemplifies the highest standards of professional conduct including dedication, hard work and ethics.

David will be presenting:

Changing Your Business Model to Take Advantage of the Market

"The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out". Dee Hock

The market continues to change. Buyers are better informed, their attention spans are shorter, and traditional buying patterns have changed. What are you doing to take advantage of the new ways to touch prospects and increase sales? This session will deal with:

  • Showroom Sales Procedures
  • CRM
  • Leasing
  • Special Finance
  • Pay Plans
  • Hours
  • Marketing
  • Internet Channels
  • Available Talent Pool
  • Plan - Try - Asses - Repeat

Sean Bradley

Founder & CEO -
Dealer Synergy, Inc.

Sean V. Bradley is the top automotive trainer and consultant in the country and is currently one of the most sought after subject matter experts for Internet Sales, Business Development and Digital Marketing. Beginning as a sales consultant, Sean learned the business from the ground up holding positions at dealerships as Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Special Finance Manager and Business Development Director.

One of the premier presenters at NCM and NADA 20 groups, Sean has spoken to over 80 NADA and NCM 20 groups and has been noted as one of the highest rated NADA Convention Speakers from 2008 to 2011. He is also an expert on the JD Power and Associates Internet Round Table. Sean has guided Dealer Synergy to become a two-time winner of the Auto Dealer's Monthly's Dealers Choice Award for "Best Internet Trainer" and was also voted "Best of the Best Internet Training Company" 3 years in a row by Dealix.

Sean Bradley

Furthermore, Sean V. Bradley is the only certified Franklin Covey Trainer and Facilitator in the Automotive Industry and a proud member of the National Speakers Association. Mr. Bradley also created the popular NCM/Dealer Synergy Internet Sales Boot Camps, the Synergy Sessions events, Internet Director Immersion Program and Additionally, he is the founder of and the co-creator of Dealer Battle Plan. Most notably, he single-handedly pioneered the field of Automotive Video Search Engine Optimization. Sean V. Bradley writes in over 13 national and international magazines and is a contributing writer on numerous automotive blogs and networking sites. If all of this wasn't enough, you can see more of his success story at

Sean will be presenting:

Win the Game of Googleopoly

Jennifer Briggs

Director of Dealer Strategy - ZMOT AUTO

ZMOT Auto is a team of digital marketing experts focused on uncovering and integrating a single-point route of car buyers at the Zero Moment of Truth. Our Dealer-client’s objective, and the guide in all that the ZMOT Auto team provides, is to target and place a direct route to the Dealer website of any potential ZMOT buyer at the exact moment they are ready to buy - the Zero Moment of Truth!

Jennifer Briggs ZMOT AUTO

Carletta Clyatt

VP of Sales - The Omnia Group

Carletta Clyatt, VP of Sales at The Omnia Group, brings personality and over 15 years of consulting experience to help companies effectively select, manage and engage their biggest asset…people. The Omnia Group specializes in employee behavioral assessments for companies of any size in any industry. Does communication flow smoothly within your teams? Are you promoting the right person? Carletta can help you uncover the behavioral preferences that lead to top notch employee performance. Her presentations are enlightening, engaging and always impactful. Carletta is a frequent speaker at corporate meetings and conventions on topics such as Authentic Communication, Creating a Sales Culture and Power Interviewing. You can expect to gain employee selection, retention and development guidance, along with keen self-awareness insight, to take your team and business to the next level.

Carletta will be presenting:

What Behavioral Insight Can Really Do For You

  • Ever hired the wrong person? This session offers solutions to improving your hiring process while maximizing your team’s potential
  • Uncover the traits of top performers in the auto industry and learn more about your strengths, challenges and leadership traits
  • We’ll discuss how to navigate the different personality types in your dealership
Carletta Clyatt The Omnia Group

Jim Flint

Founder & President - Local Search Group

Jim Flint, Founder and President of the fastest growing ad agency in Texas, Local Search Group, is well known and respected as a public speaker. His presentations bring real, retail issues to life and help dealerships guide and manage resource allocations in advertising, inventory and overall sales operations. He integrates his automotive retail experience and extensive digital knowledge with his Tier 2 and Tier I background to deliver some of the most completely integrated and retail-oriented sales campaigns in the industry. His company, Local Search Group, offers a wide range of digital automotive services including: PPC advertising, social media management, reputation management, VDP setup, and many more.

Jim will be presenting:

Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words. Are Videos Worth 1,000 Car Deals?

  • Identify the characteristics associated with taking a dealership video viral
  • Develop guerilla-marketing tactics for your dealership based off viral video trends in the auto industry
  • Determine how much a viral video costs and its comparable valuation in terms of leads and sales
Jim Flint Local Search Group

Erich K. Gail

COO - Cardinale-Group of Companies

Mr. Gail is the Chief Operating Officer of the Cardinale Automotive Group; Chief Executive Officer of Cardinale AG Vehicle Supply Group - North America and Chief Executive Officer of ZMOT Automotive Digital Velocity.

Mr. Gail is a 24-year veteran of the global automotive industry having served in a variety of executive and senior leadership roles within a vast array of management and investment groups.

Mr. Gail has extensive experience developing new business operations as well as enhancing the performance of mature organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Korea and Japan.

Erich will be presenting:

Mastery of Zero Moment Retail

Erich Gail

Christopher Scott Herman

President - Herman Advertising

Christopher Scott Herman, President of Herman Advertising in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a veteran of the retail automotive advertising and marketing industry. Having had the unique opportunity to work on both the agency and dealership sides of the business, Christopher commands a strong sense of the operational needs of a dealership and the creative solutions dealers need to successfully market their business.

Christopher will be presenting:

12 Steps to Success - Prioritizing Your Marketing Efforts

In our current marketing landscape, it can be difficult for dealers to make sense of the limitless channels with which they can market their dealership. From digital to traditional, dealers have hundreds of avenues with which to communicate their unique message. This presentation will help dealers prioritize their marketing efforts through the use of:

Christopher Herman Visit site...
  • Logical real-world analogies that all dealers will relate to
  • Insight into modern techniques backed by results driven data
  • Examples of how dealers can support digital efforts with traditional advertising for maximum results

Bobbie Herron

Director of Dealer Marketing - ZMOT AUTO

ZMOT Auto is a team of digital marketing experts focused on uncovering and integrating a single-point route of car buyers at the Zero Moment of Truth. Our Dealer-client’s objective, and the guide in all that the ZMOT Auto team provides, is to target and place a direct route to the Dealer website of any potential ZMOT buyer at the exact moment they are ready to buy - the Zero Moment of Truth!

Bobbie Herron ZMOT AUTO

Christian Jorn

President - Remora, Inc.

President of the innovative Remora Inc. and Master Certified by Ford, Christian Jorn and his team make the magic happen in beautiful downtown Jacksonville FL. Remora wins by employing a hand crafted approach to a dealer’s online presence that includes a perfect website and dominating SEO.

Expert service without a conflict of interest, Remora starts with an audit of your presence on the web, then builds your online trust by filling in gaps and leveraging untapped opportunities. By aligning with your existing processes, Remora’s strategy quickly creates a new and reliable stream of ready buyers.

Christian will be presenting:

Modern Search, What it takes to Win - Blending Efficient SEO and SEM for Success

  • Discover a modern method to beat CarGurus, True Car and AutoTrader in organic search results
  • Develop a clear understanding of the correct application of written content on your website
  • Take home benchmark AdWords metrics to compare against paid advertising campaigns
Christian Jorn Visit site

Elise Kephart

Founder -
The Elise Kephart Experience

ELISE KEPHART is the founder of The Elise Kephart Experience, a company focused on helping dealerships strengthen their process, sales teams and lead handling utilizing tactics with a emphasis on improving phone skills and utilizing video email. An international sales/marketing phenomenon in the auto industry, Elise is nationally recognized as “The YouTube Diva” for her persuasive personalized video greetings. Since 2007 she sold countless vehicles to clients by creating a strong bond with her customers through the power of unique video messages. Among her high volume sales, she has also earned top performing CSI. With her unique approach to videos, her phone skills and selling background, Elise has visited dealerships across the country teaching her one of a kind method. Her approach has been praised by the likes of Ziegler, Cardone and Bradley. She has been published in magazines both in the US and Canada.

Elise has presented at seminars including Ziegler’s IBP, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Digital Dealer and The General Motors 2015 Compass Tour. Elise resides in San Luis Obispo, California with her three year old daughter Leelee, husband John and with a new addition coming July 2016. She can be reached at

Elise Kephart

Visit site...

The Elise Kephart Experience focus’ on improving dealer partner’s process’, sales teams and lead handling tactics using her methods praised nationally with her background in retail automotive. Her reputation is widely known for improving the industry’s phone skills and internet sales process’ with an emphasis on video email – a method pioneered by Kephart when working automotive internet sales in 2009.

Elise will be presenting:

The Elise Kephart Experience: The Phone Call is Back!

Elise will perform TWO LIVE PHONE UP MYSTERY SHOPS and award $100 cash for the perfect phone call! Attendees will also hear about:

  • The Impact of Click to Call in 2016 and beyond
  • Why Customer’s Call Us?
  • The Importance of a Consistent Phone Process
  • The Magic Fix to your Phone Skills

Tammie LeBleu


Formed in 2005, AutoLoop has become the leading provider of marketing solutions for effective and profitable customer relationship management at the dealer level.

A singular focus on customer engagement has been the hallmark of our success. Our proprietary software utilizes unique targeting capabilities, facilitating the alignment of effective communications. It also capitalizes on our extensive data analytics to dramatically increase dealer profitability.

Dealers, OEM customers, and large groups all attest to the ability of the AutoLoop suite to generate results using voice, SMS, direct mail, and web portals. Our customer interface tools are user-friendly and can dramatically improve dealer efficiency.

Tammie LeBleu AutoLoop

Tammie is that super-performer every dealership wishes they had. Tammie is a personal friend and student of Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg.

Tammie takes relationship sales and marketing seriously using Ziegler's formulas mixed with her own personal dynamics. We are very proud to have her on our stage. In this very Special featured Session Tammie will share her secrets that put her among the highest paid car sales professionals in the country.

Tammie will be presenting:

Everything I Do Online That Made Me the NUMBER TWO Nissan Sales Person in the Nation

In this session Tammie will outline the processes, mindset and procedures that took her from an entry-level sales professional, to a record-breaking Internet Sales Professional making $400,000.00 a year - number two Nissan Sales in the country, to becoming a Sales Manager, to running record-breaking Internet Departments for two highly successful dealerships.

Tammie is the real deal, a working manager, facing the same challenges your dealership faces every day. You will be inspired and energized with her message, intensity, focus, and dedication to process.

Proud to call Tammie my friend and student...
Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg

Manny Luna

CEO/President -
VL Digital Marketing

Manuel “Manny” Luna, CEO and Founder of VL Digital Marketing, has been involved in the automotive industry since 1988. His career has spanned automotive sales, management, finance, and Internet marketing management. Manny is known for his energy, tireless work ethic, his passion for the automotive business, and his ability to see beyond the box, all of which has led him to build VL Digital Marketing from the ground up.

Manny’s dream is to introduce to the automotive sales industry a new world of digital marketing and search engine multiple market domination, while maintaining top-notch customer satisfaction and loyalty to his customers and sales staff. Importantly, Manny believes in substance over quantity, and refuses to compromise his core values. That is why VL Digital Marketing is and always will be a 100% white hat digital automotive marketing and reputation management business.

Manny will be presenting:

Stretching Your Boundaries in the New Age

Why your website needs a check up from its neck up.

Why less is more in the new age.

Search + Social = Buy Now... Why Facebook marketing is your best ROI.

Manny Luna VL Digital Marketing

Gary May

President/Consultant at Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services (im@cs)

Gary May launched IM@CS in September 2007 with a focus on helping dealerships and OEMs with digital marketing, eCommerce, process and branding. At the time, there were no independents focusing on best practices for the impending shift in marketing and lead management. Gary's passion for businesses in the automotive space coincides with his "automotive moves at the speed of retail, not the OEM anymore" mentality and his no-holds barred approach to business management. Featured as a speaker at automotive events including DrivingSales, JD Power & Associates and PCG, a regular blogger and recognized dealer advocate, he and his company focus their strengths and attention on making progressive dealerships unique in a time where there are more constraints being enforced limiting franchises.

Shortly after consulting services began, the company added social media management in January 2008 and sales training in April 2008. Gary is looking forward to beginning his 13th year in the automotive industry in 2013 after spending over a decade in the cycling industry, including being an avid cyclist for over 27 years (racing for 12). Away from automotive circles, Gary participates in Social Media Club Los Angeles and Digital LA events, including multiple speaking appearances, as well as various marketing conference attendance to bring a broader perspective back to the industry.

Gary May Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services

Eric Miltsch

President -
Command Z Automotive Consulting, Inc.

Eric Miltsch is a successful automotive digital marketing consultant. His love of all things digital & automotive is the perfect recipe for helping progressive dealers continuously improve. He's also a partner in a new independent dealership group: Auto Outlets USA. Eric was previously the Director of Product Strategy for DrivingSales and the Internet Director for Auction Direct USA - the #1 independent dealership in the US for three years running.

Command Z Automotive Consulting, Inc. specializes in search, social & mobile strategies. Core activities focus on Organic search, Facebook Newsfeed ad targeting, Local SEO, Conquest email and Dynamic inventory retargeting. While progressive strategies are often at the forefront, basic fundamentals such as CRM, merchandising and pricing strategies are in important element of the continued success experienced. Consulting clients range from independent dealerships to the largest private dealerships in the US and Canada.

Eric Miltsch Command Z Automotive Consulting, Inc.

Eric will be presenting:

Transforming Your Customer Experiences: Stop Faking It & Get Out Of Your Funk

Kick Ass Benefits:

  • Learn the Three D's of Amazing Customer Experiences
  • Identify the gaps in your customer experiences to prevent customers from leaving you
  • Discover the customer experience tips, tricks & secrets I use in my own dealership
  • See how today's dealership websites should be attracting tomorrow's customers via their experiences
  • Watch me show you incredible data insights about your competition to help improve your experiences

Scott Pechstein

Vice President, Sales - Autobytel Inc.

Scott Pechstein started out in Automotive at a Ford store in Southern California in the 1990s and then joined Autobytel in May 2000. Today, Scott serves as Vice President of Sales for Autobytel where he manages sales along with Autobytel’s broad range of industry leading products, and serves as an automotive industry spokesperson, a company news media spokesperson, and lead trainer of the Autobytel Dealer Insight Series. Scott is an NADA Convention and NADA 20-group speaker in addition to Driving Sales, Digital Dealer, IS-20 Group, Internet Battle Plan, and Auto Con.

Scott will be presenting:

Text and Engage with Today’s Changing Consumers - We Will Discuss the Importance of Texting Consumers and How to Stay Compliant

Technology is constantly providing an ever expanding list of how people communicate with one another. Over the decades, communication channels have gone from the Pony Express, to the Postal System, to overnight delivery, to fax machines, to e-mails to social media/blogs. But the overwhelming communication channel today is one to one texting.

Scott Pechstein

Numerous studies compare the predominance of text messages sent and received vs phone calls sent and received. And while the younger population has a 21 to 1 ratio of text to calls, even the 55+ population has a 3 to 1 text to call ratio. Consumers now prefer to text rather than call or e-mail.

One key factor in the growth of texting is the growth in smartphone ownership. And smartphones are being used 63% of the time when the consumer is at a dealership. Text is a record that is stored within the message platform of the smartphone so it becomes a reference document too, unlike website chat which is lost when the session is ended.

We all know that consumers are reluctant to fill out a lead form and to give out their personal information. A text lead is convenient and unobtrusive. And the two way conversation is immediate and interactive. Not to mention allowing a consumer on a competitor’s lot to text you with questions as they “showroom” other dealers.

The final piece of the puzzle is to text in a compliant manner to avoid potential fines and to have a platform to send a text lead into your CRM system. And keep the text lead within your dealership and not in your salesperson’s personal smartphone.

You need to text now, and not just for sales, it is great for service too as a consumers car is in the shop.

In this session, Scott Pechstein will review how to stay compliant, but also discuss a process which keeps your personnel on track, allows you to begin building a texting data base, just like the email data base you began creating years ago.


  • Identify common texting mistakes your salespeople make when contacting consumers
  • Teach your staff how to successfully build a texting database
  • Allow consumers to initiative the text right there on your website
  • Stay compliant and keep your dealership out of risk when texting consumers

Cody Pitchford

Creative Director - iDrive Media

Cody Pitchford has been an innovator in automotive marketing and sales training for well over a decade. His expertise in print, digital and mobile marketing combined with his vast showroom experience has created a consistent track record of breaking sales and traffic records in showrooms across the country.

Cody Pitchford iDrive Media

Shaun Raines

VP Business Development -

Shaun is an internet car guy and the VP of Business Development at DealerOn. His 25 years of automotive experience includes helping the Reynolds teams that launched Microsoft’s, CarsDirect Connect, Yahoo Autos, Automark Websites and Reynolds Web Solutions. Before joining the DealerOn family, Shaun was the Director of Automotive for ReachLocal and Executive Director of Dealer Relations at DrivingSales.

His unique blend of humor and automotive experience has made him a sought after speaker at industry events and 20 Groups.

Shaun lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife, children and dogs.

Shaun will be presenting:

When Everybody’s Special… No One Is… A Digital Marketing Wake Up Call

If you like to laugh a little while you learn, you’ll enjoy this session. Shaun will use real world examples to illustrate big problems with dealer’s digital marketing, advertising and branding. Here’s what to expect:

Shaun Raines DealerON
  • Know the difference between Marketing, Advertising and Branding and why it’s important (most dealers have this all wrong)
  • Identify good and bad brand differentiation
  • Learn the new branding rules
  • Understand the value of Google Adwords
  • Learn PPC tips that will turn your results up to 11

Kerri Wise

VP - Dealer Engagement & Communications -
TrueCar, Inc.

Kerri Wise is Vice President, Dealer Engagement and Communications at TrueCar. In her role, she leads dealer communication and training, ensuring dealers partners are aware of and best utilize the TrueCar platform to help them sell more cars.

Kerri's automotive career spans nearly 17 years consulting, training, and communicating with dealers and OEMs on digital marketing, consumer insights, and sales process. Prior to joining TrueCar, Kerri spent 4 years as an Executive Director of Dealer Training at leading product and sales training for Edmunds dealer partners and the internal sales team. Kerri also spent 12 years at J.D. Power and Associates where she consulted both OEMs and dealers on automotive consumer insights.

Kerri earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University - Northridge.

Kerri will be presenting:

Embracing Transparency Beyond the Price Quote

Kerri Wise TrueCar

Today’s car buyer increasingly demands transparency in their purchase experience. And while transparency is typically tied to a dealer’s pricing, the consumers “perception” of transparency is often influenced by the ENTIRE experience (beyond just price). This session will draw upon the shopping behavior and expectations of millions of consumers, plus case studies from top performing dealers to:

  • Understand the expectations and motivations of today’s evolving car buyer
  • Identify ways to eliminate the disconnects in the sales process that feed consumer misperception and lead to distrust
  • Learn tactics to showcase your value and move the consumer beyond just price

Jim Ziegler, CSP - The "Alpha Dawg"

President & CEO - Ziegler SuperSystems

James A. Ziegler, CSP, HSG... going on 40 years, Jim Ziegler's been a recognized industry, writer, speaker and super performer... a record setting manager with some of the top automobile dealerships in the country.

Jim's credentials include:

  • Worked with 15,000 dealerships nationwide
  • 100,000 Dealers, Managers and Executives attended his seminars
  • He's worked in 1000 showrooms in 200 cities in 49 states
  • Jim has been the featured keynote speaker 76 State Automobile Dealer Association Conventions
  • Rated in top ten workshop speakers at 11 National NADA Conventions
  • Featured speaker at three Digital Dealer Conventions, including Keynote at DD2 in Las Vegas
  • Widely read National Columnist, Dealer Magazine
Jim Ziegler Ziegler SuperSystems

Jim is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) , the most highly sought after ultimate earned designation with The National Speakers Association.

Jim will be presenting:

The Insane World of Alpha Dawg Social Media – Live Examples and Techniques

You can contact Jim at 800.726.0510 - 9A.M.-5P.M. - Mon.-Fri.

Autobytel Inc.

Leads, Marketing, Mobile, Sales

Before any other automotive website existed, Autobytel invented online car buying and has grown to become one of the most influential automotive websites today. Since 1995, Autobytel has received numerous industry accolades for providing high quality leads and a full range of marketing services to its partners. Recently, the company launched Autobytel Mobile, offering dealers a complete mobile strategy, including Send2Phone, TextShield Administrative Dashboard, mobile websites, apps and text message marketing.

Autobytel has helped tens of millions of automotive consumers research vehicles; connected thousands of dealers nationwide with car buyers; and helped every major automaker market its brand online.

Learn More

Cardinale Group

Cardinale Automotive Group operates 19 retail locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada representing: Acura, Audi, BMW, GMC, Hyundai, Harley-Davidson, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Regarded as a Management-Driven retail group throughout North America, the Cardinale Automotive Group’s family-team culture and operating disciplines have earned recurring growth and recognition as an automotive industry leader.

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CarGurus helps car shoppers search local car listings and find great deals from great dealers. Founded in 2007 by Langley Steinert, (also a co-founder of TripAdvisor), we’re now the 2nd largest and fastest growing auto-shopping website in the U.S. by daily user traffic.

At CarGurus, we believe that transparency on car prices and dealer reputation benefits shoppers and sellers alike, and that's what we provide with every car search a user runs on our site. Today, more than 18 million unique monthly users visit our desktop and mobile sites to find their next car.

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DealerOn, Inc. is a premier website and digital marketing company serving the retail automotive industry. In the last 12 months, DealerOn’s websites have won virtually every meaningful industry award including: Driving Sales Top-Rated Website, Digital Dealer’s Overall Website Excellence Award, AWA’s Pinnacle Award, and Dealer Marketing Magazine’s Technology Award for Website Providers. DealerOn has become noted in the industry for their Lead Guarantee, based on their Digital Marketing Dashboard. Since creating this process in 2009, DealerOn has documented an average increase of over 200% in website lead volume for their auto dealer clients.

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Dealer Synergy

Founded in 2004, Dealer Synergy builds the most profitable Internet Sales and Business Development departments in the United States and is the only company in the automotive industry that is Franklin Covey certified.

Time after time, Dealer Synergy continues to build world class internet sales departments that are often featured on the covers of national publications.

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Herman Advertising

Herman Advertising is a full service, fully integrated digital marketing company and traditional advertising agency all in one. Our passion lies in providing world-class results for our dealership clients... a passion that has led us to become the fastest growing agency in South Florida.

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Hospitality Defender

Founded in 1985 and with over 1,000 direct employees, ELEAD1ONE is a private, family-owned company that has defined itself as the trusted source for more industry leaders, original equipment manufactures (OEMs), top dealers and dealer groups.

Our web-based, single login platform strategically manages customer database, marketing, sales process and customer retention. Through the continuous investment in people, processes, technology and client service, ELEAD1ONE continues to raise the bar for excellence in the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide the best solution to sell more cars and maximize customer lifetime profitability.

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iDrive Media

iDriveMedia is a creative agency based in Kalamazoo MI that achieves record breaking results nationwide by flawlessly executing well rounded advertising, marketing, promotional and PR campaigns both digital and print. We provide complete in-house solutions from strategy and design to development and digital marketing services. We analyze and measure every aspect of each project by ROI and results.

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Pineapple Advertising

Pineapple Advertising is simply not like the other apples in the orchard. We stand out, we're fresh and always ready to be picked. Yes we have years of experience, but we're youthful minded enough to understand the seduction of awesome creative and the power of bold branding. The one constant you will find with Pineapple in comparison to "other" so called advertising companies, is the TRUTH. Pineapple builds creative that speaks and we place it appropriately, not traditionally. We're not looking to make you feel better about yourself, we're on a mission of truth, we analyze your budget, we question your marketing decisions and we place you on a path of impact. If you're looking for a best friend or an agency that's going to take you out to dinner every month, exit our page. If you're looking for impact, for truth, for advertising purpose. Pick the Pineapple. It's ready.

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Remora, Inc.

Modern Search, What it takes to Win - Blending Efficient SEO and SEM for Success

  • Discover a modern method to beat CarGurus, True Car and AutoTrader in organic search results
  • Develop a clear understanding of the correct application of written content on your website
  • Take home benchmark AdWords metrics to compare against paid advertising campaigns

President of the innovative Remora Inc. and Master Certified by Ford, Christian Jorn and his team make the magic happen in beautiful downtown Jacksonville FL. Remora wins by employing a hand crafted approach to a dealer’s online presence that includes a perfect website and dominating SEO.

Expert service without a conflict of interest, Remora starts with an audit of your presence on the web, then builds your online trust by filling in gaps and leveraging untapped opportunities. By aligning with your existing processes, Remora’s strategy quickly creates a new and reliable stream of ready buyers.


Car Dealer Website, Perfected.

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Search Engines MD

Search Engines MD, (SEMD), is a Digital Marketing Agency that works with several verticals. In the Auto Industry, we help dealers form connections that matter.

SEMD was founded in December of 2010 by Michael Donovan and Doug Caywood with the intent of creating a business model that would give a handful of dealers the competitive advantage. We are not out to get every dealer in the U.S. to work with us, we want to work with a group of dealers who are passionate about what they do and deserve to be charged a fair price for a premium service. We treat your Dealership like it is our own.

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TrueCar’s national network includes over 7,000 automobile dealers across the United States, the company, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, has helped its dealer-partners sell over 600,000 vehicles to date and shoppers used TrueCar’s no-haggle pricing service in 2011 to buy 235,640 new and used vehicles. It had a hand in 2 percent of sales in the nearly 13-million-car auto market in the U.S. in 2011 and the company claims it has saved people $1 billion so far, with the average consumer saving $4,154 off the car’s suggested retail price, (MSRP).

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Internet Battle Plan comes roaring back!

Amazing... Jim Ziegler's done it again... bringing this wildly successful seminar for Automobile dealerships. You need to find out what hundreds of dealerships are saying about what they got out of this powerful event.

SPEAKERS with great content. Jim's vision is a reality. We wanted to produce a two-day event that would add a lot of value to our dealers and their management. Not the same old people that speak at all of the events; Jim has selected a handful of highly successful presenters, some still working in the business to give your internet sales a turbo-charged increase the day you return to the dealership. Real nuts-and-bolts, how-to-do-it; we're showing in depth with detail exactly how to implement these techniques and processes in your dealership.
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Is your dealership realizing your "Internet Sales and Marketing Potential?"

Is your dealership underperforming in technology sales and Internet marketing? OR, are you already one of the top-performing Internet Dealerships looking for still a higher level of sales and results? Regardless of where you are, this is the event that will deliver immediate results beyond your expectations. Register here...

Battle Plan Graduates have given us raving testimonials about profit increases and market share increases through technology-enabled sales and marketing tips they picked up from the powerful team of experts Ziegler assembled here. There are virtually hundreds of video testimonials from Internet Battle Plan attendees, dealership managers, dealer principals and industry executives on Jim's YouTube Channel.

It's NOT the same old gang that speaks at all of the other events. All of our presenters are A-Team Players with documented track records. Each one brings a unique Dealership Internet skill set to the event. Jim makes sure that the speakers complement each other with specific topics that encompass every piece to the dealership Internet Puzzle.

No Infomercials from the stage.Ziegler's vision is that the presenters must deliver value to the audience with techniques and processes you can replicate immediately when you return to the dealership, whether you buy anyone's services or not. No sales pitches from the stage like what you experience with some of the bigger conferences.

As always, Dealer Principals attend FREE whether they bring paid attendees with them or not.

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