Brian Barlow

CEO - Pineapple Crush

Barlow went to college to become an airline pilot. However, the fame of television lured him into changing majors. Thus, a broadcaster was born! After college, Barlow became a TV Producer at Tulsa’s NBC affiliate. Within a short amount of time, his talents allowed him to rise on the corporate ladder and become an Executive Producer.

Creative being his strong suit, Barlow knew he would have to venture out on his own in order to appeal to his inner creative juices. And so, he did. After several successful years managing TV, live events, and the people within, Barlow got a little… fruity. The Nelson Auto Group came calling. They wanted creative done like no other car dealership. They found Barlow. Barlow found them. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Barlow changed the face, reputation and look of the Nelson dealerships and in doing this he quickly realized the creative world was missing one key ingredient... Pineapple!

Brian will be presenting:

The Facebook Fail

Facebook is the engine. You just need to give it the right fuel. How to dominate Facebook. Use Facebook to obtain $1 car leads. Your Facebook Page is your own TV channel. Use it that way.




Mike "Chevy Dude" Davenport

Sales Consultant - Bachman Auto Group

Mike is a veteran in the car business (since 2000) holding multiple positions in Sales, F&I, New Car Manager, Used Car Manager, & GSM and always pushes to get the best out of himself and his colleagues. In 2010 Mike decided to leave the management sector of the car business to focus his branding efforts on himself and to provide an excellent example of how the car business should be ran.

Mike currently is in the top of his field in New Chevrolet sales, Top salesman for his dealership, and one of the top 40 rated salesman in the country on dealerrater.com Where this may not be overly impressive for a veteran, Mike went back into sales in June of 2010 after moving 4 hours from home to a city that he didn’t know anyone in. The hustle, grind, and work ethic that Mike shows will make you want to clone him for your dealership or follow him for a week to mimic his sales techniques.

With Mike’s efforts in the past five years he has truly became the “Louisville Chevy Dude”. He owns several domain names that direct his customers directly to him, owns a very successful youtube channel with over 4 millions views, very aggressive social media campaigns with over 50,000 followers, and social media presents where he is a leader through out the country for other sales professionals & managers.

Mike can be reached with a simple google search or by email Mike@ChevyDude.com

Mike will be presenting:

How I Became One of the Top Sales Professionals in the World

Mike will be sharing his best practices in:

  • Self branding
  • Social media marketing & Engagement
  • Selling skills & style that blows the customers away
  • Very rigorous after sale follow up that nets him a very high percentage of repeat & referral business
  • Tips and tricks so a customer sees you EVERY TIME they get gas
  • Closing techniques where he doesn’t get TO’s from MGMT
  • His ultimate customer experience to keep customers from shopping and keeping them LOYAL
  • And, how he sold two cars while on vacation over 1800 miles away from the dealership to local residents of the vacation spot




Pete DeLongchamps

VP - Group 1 Automotive

Pete DeLongchamps offers 36 years of experience encompassing many facets of the automobile business. Pete has held a variety of positions including field and Regional Management jobs with both General Motors and BMW. In the retail arena he has been a dealership General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Dealer/President.

In 2004, by way of acquisition, DeLongchamps joined Group 1 Automotive and currently serves as Vice President of Financial Services, Manufacturer Relations and Public Affairs. Group 1 is a Houston-based Fortune 500 specialty retailer and the third largest dealer group in the U.S. Market.




Katti Fields

V.P. Product Development & Operations - Edmunds.com

Katti joined Edmunds in 2001 as the Web Production Manager and through her long tenure has led project management, strategic planning, product and sales operations functions. Recently her focus has shifted to leading development of a portfolio of next generation mobile products for car shoppers. Katti also oversees the company’s Dealer Operations function, which provides industry-leading service to our dealer partners to ensure they maximize the ROI from their partnership with Edmunds.

Katti will be presenting:

Car Shopping is Changing Fast, Don’t be left in the Dust

Edmunds is the leading car information and shopping platform, connecting dealers with buyers and influencing over $232B in car sales. We make it our business to know everything about car shoppers and their behavior, always there at every stage of the car shopping journey, and helping them find their perfect car. Dealers can tap into an array of innovative tools to more seamlessly connect with in-market shoppers.

This session will cover:

  • Understand the changing needs of today’s car shoppers and the increasing preference for message-based communications.
  • Learn about technology innovations in chat and messaging that are poised to impact automotive retail and how you can keep pace.
  • Learn how to leverage the Facebook platform with proven custom audience targeting that expands the reach of your dealership and acquires new shoppers.
  • Understand the importance of having tools that help your brand be front and center at every stage of the customer car shopping journey.




Gary Gaia

Director of Digital Marketing - Group 1 Automotive

Gary Gaia has over 26 years of experience in the automotive retail business. He has served in a variety of roles in the automotive industry, including General Manager. In 2005, he joined Group 1 Automotive, a Fortune-500 automotive retailer, as Regional Variable Operations Director. While in this role, Gary created a multifaceted in-house digital operation spanning across all automotive retail consumer touch points.

In 2012, Gary was appointed to his current position as the Director of Digital Marketing, where he leads strategic growth-oriented marketing initiatives, while also serving as Digital Advisor for Group 1’s operations in the U.K. and Brazil. Gary is an innovator in the continuously evolving digital automotive retail space, and has served as an Advisory Board Member for several digital retailers.

Since graduating from the University of Memphis, Gary has developed a strong expertise in digital marketing strategy, new media, enterprise research & analytics, customer relationship management, and continues to shape the digital marketing approach for one of the largest automotive retailers in the U.S.




Greg Gifford

Director of Search & Social - DealerOn

Greg Gifford is the Director of Search and Social at DealerOn, a software company that provides websites and online marketing to new car dealers all over the country. He's got over 16 years of online marketing and web design experience, and he speaks internationally at both automotive and SEO conferences, teaching thousands of small business owners and marketers how to get their sites to show up higher in local search rankings.

Greg also spends his time doing freelance website design and SEO for local businesses. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Cinema and Communications, and has an obscure movie quote for just about any situation.


Greg will be presenting:

A fast & Furious Guide to Local SEO for Auto Dealers

Forget the basic SEO sessions you've all seen before – this session will share tactical information you can use immediately. This session goes beyond the simple explanations and strategies and shares specific ranking factors that will influence your dealership's local visibility. There have been several major changes in Local SEO in the last 6 months, so Greg will walk through exactly what’s changed and how your strategy needs to pivot. Learn the different factors that determine organic ranking versus map pack ranking, and what to concentrate on if you're in a competitive metro area. Get ready to write fast, he’s going to squeeze in as much info as possible in 40 minutes...




Julian Johnston

Senior Director of Product Consultants - AutoAlert, LLC

Julian Johnston is Director of Product Consultants at AutoAlert, an industry-leading data-mining and comprehensive portfolio management platform that identifies high-quality sales opportunities, increases gross margins, and improves customer retention.

With over 8 years in the automotive industry, Julian is dedicated to helping dealerships unlock the power of their databases. His experience with business development, sales, and marketing strategy makes Julian a highly sought-after advisor for brands, dealerships, and automotive innovators. He is a leader in dealer strategy and product consulting, striving to strengthen marketing direction and sales growth, while working to help dealers succeed in gaining and retaining customers.

Julian will be presenting:

Harnessing the Power of True Communication

  • Communicating means reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message. Get any portion of that wrong, and you miss the target. Data mining allows you to find customers with the highest prospects of favorably receiving your communication. Timing is everything.
  • Your best prospects for sales upgrades are driving to your dealership every day. Up to 20 percent of ROs are great candidates for swapping keys – but you need to identify them ahead of time and be ready with an offer on the spot. It’s the key to making your service drive part of your sales department.
  • Whether you realize it or not, every employee represents your brand and can create important impressions to each customer. It is incumbent, therefore, for leadership to fully engage their employees and turn them into brand ambassadors. Communication is the foundation of building satisfied and engaged employees, who in turn, can create a fantastic customer experience.




Elise Kephart-Adame

Founder - The Elise Kephart Experience

ELISE KEPHART is the founder of The Elise Kephart Experience, a company focused on helping dealerships strengthen their process, sales teams and lead handling utilizing tactics with a emphasis on improving phone skills and utilizing video email. An international sales/marketing phenomenon in the auto industry, Elise is nationally recognized as "The YouTube Diva” for her persuasive personalized video greetings. Since 2007 she sold countless vehicles to clients by creating a strong bond with her customers through the power of unique video messages. Among her high volume sales, she has also earned top performing CSI. With her unique approach to videos, her phone skills and selling background, Elise has visited dealerships across the country teaching her one of a kind method. Her approach has been praised by the likes of Ziegler, Cardone and Bradley. She has been published in magazines both in the US and Canada. Elise has presented at seminars including Ziegler's IBP, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Digital Dealer and The General Motors 2015 Compass Tour. Elise resides in San Luis Obispo, California with her two daughter's Leelee and Jaelyn and her husband John. She can be reached at elise@elisekephart.com

The Elise Kephart Experience focus' on improving dealer partner's process', sales teams and lead handling tactics using her methods praised nationally with her background in retail automotive. Her reputation is widely known for improving the industry's phone skills and internet sales process' with an emphasis on video email – a method pioneered by Kephart when working automotive internet sales in 2009.

Elise will be presenting a brand new topic exclusively to Internet Battle Plan:


One camera. One minute. One change you should be doing right now to increase your connections online.

Elise first presented in 2010 at Internet Battle Plan in Las Vegas teaching dealerships how to actually implement video email step by step. Six years later – there are massive amounts of improvements to technology to allow for a smoother transitional leap into video email. In this eye opening session learn how to actually send a video email to your customers with one camera, and in under one minute. Dive into the best practices with video email and follow-up to get in front of your customers, more often. If you have ever told yourself - "I don't have enough time to do video email” you will not want to miss this session where Elise will step by step show you how to use video email whether from your smartphone or webcam.




Mat Koenig

CEO - BDA Spanish Marketing

Mat is the consummate automotive technology sales expert. He has a history of holding key positions with some of the largest technology companies serving the automotive business.

BDA Spanish Marketing is a pioneer of mobile and Spanish language marketing.

Mat will be presenting:

Using Texting for Dynamic Sales, Legal Compliance and Conversion

Texting in the sales process with a qualified lead can increase conversions over 100%. Consumers prefer it and it is highly superior to email response and sales conversion.

We know that more than 90% of leads prefer Texting Communication over other methods of communication. Compared to calling, email, or smoke signals more than 75% of people would rather send and receive offers via Text Messaging.




Laura Mellencamp

VP of Sales - Local Search Group

With over 28 years of relevant retail experience, Laura Mellencamp has sat in your seat. Laura was promoted to General Manager of the 5th largest BMW dealership in the country after spending 11 years as the Controller. Laura’s automotive career began in the mid 80’s – learning all desks in Accounting. She also spent time as a GSM, Sales Manager, and F&I.

For the past 6 years, Laura has served as the Vice President of Sales for Local Search Group, a Texas based full service marketing agency. She enjoys working with dealer clients and dealer groups, helping them navigate the ever-changing Digital Marketing Space.

Laura will be presenting:

Beach Volleyball rules that DON’T work at your Dealership

  1. Switching sides every 7 points - How to set your marketing budget for the YEAR, and not switch from month to month.
  2. Playing 2 on 2 - You may be pitting your Front End and Back End against each other.
  3. Rally Scoring - Instead SLOW DOWN your marketing game and be selective of your targets.
  4. No Substitutions during a match - No Bench? You KNOW your bench is important. Best Online Hiring sites to use.




Shaun Raines

VP Business Development - DealerON

Shaun Raines wanted to be a rock star playing drums to the delight of thousands. Turns out, he became a digital marketing rock star teaching, coaching and helping automotive and motorcycle dealers reach their potential. He has 20+ years of experience in sales, digital marketing, websites, SEM/PPC, SEO, social media, branding, management, leadership and team building. He is a highly sought after speaker at industry events due to his contagious, entertaining presentation style.

In 1998, Shaun landed an opportunity to work with the Reynolds and Reynolds team that launched Microsoft Carpoint and Automark Web Solutions. He has also held director positions with ReachLocal and DrivingSales. Currently, Shaun serves as the Vice President of Business Development at DealerOn.

In case you were wondering...

He still plays the drums.

Specialties include:

Automotive event speaker/trainer/facilitator including NADA, NCM, Consept, Performance Inc. 20 Groups, Digital Dealer Conferences, NADA Convention, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota events. Expert in Automotive Internet Processes, Structure, Digital Marketing, Social Media, training, coaching all roles inside dealerships on performance improvement and automotive internet everything.

Shaun will be presenting:

Digital Marketing According To Metallica

Get ready to rock! This presentation will take you back in time and pull you into the future using case study data from dealers investing in SEO, SEM, Display Ads, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads. Prioritizing your digital marketing efforts is accomplished when you understand the value of each channel and what it should be used for. This session will illustrate the value of each channel and use actual dealer data to help you develop your own prioritization strategy. This awesome bomb will be dropped with a Metallica theme, so get ready to rock!




Rae Selvey

Executive Director, Dealer Sales & Development -

Rae boasts 30 years of auto industry experience ranging from Sales to General Manager within franchised stores as well as key sales management roles within automotive vendors and OEMs; She joined Edmunds in 2011, and her knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, combined with retail experience have helped her successfully lead the sales team.

Rae will be presenting:

Car Shopping is Changing Fast, Don’t be left in the Dust

Edmunds is the leading car information and shopping platform, connecting dealers with buyers and influencing over $232B in car sales. We make it our business to know everything about car shoppers and their behavior, always there at every stage of the car shopping journey, and helping them find their perfect car. Dealers can tap into an array of innovative tools to more seamlessly connect with in-market shoppers.

This session will cover:

  • Understand the changing needs of today’s car shoppers and the increasing preference for message-based communications.
  • Learn about technology innovations in chat and messaging that are poised to impact automotive retail and how you can keep pace.
  • Learn how to leverage the Facebook platform with proven custom audience targeting that expands the reach of your dealership and acquires new shoppers.
  • Understand the importance of having tools that help your brand be front and center at every stage of the customer car shopping journey.




Jay Skowron

Founder & Pricipal - DealerDefender

Jay Skowron is the founder and principal of DealerDefender, a company focused on online review site management, customer experience, and social media marketing for the automotive industry, as well as HospitalityDefender, providing the same to businesses in the hospitality industry.

Having spent almost two decades in the customer service industry, he has transitioned to helping businesses in the automotive space establish and maintain their online presence and help ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

Jay was quoted numerous times in the 2014 book The Everything Guide to Customer Engagement, has been featured in AutoSuccess magazine, and is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He can be reached at jay@thedealerdefender.com. A longtime sponsor of Jim’s Battle Plans, this is his debut speaking engagement there.

Jay will be presenting:

Why Online Reviews Matter (Yes, Even Yelp!)

Take control of your DealerRater, Yelp & Google+ reviews: Online reviews play a big part in either driving traffic into your dealership, or driving your customers away. A one-star increase on Yelp can increase your revenue by 9% or more. Make sure you’re sending the right message!

Jay will discuss:

  • Why you get bad reviews
  • Why you need to respond to them
  • How to handle unfair reviews
  • How to head off bad reviews at the pass
  • And more!

This entertaining and high-energy presentation will leave you with a sense of control over your online reputation that you can put into action immediately – even right from your phone!




Chris Sondesky

CF Search Marketing

Over the past 19 years, Chris Sondesky has climbed the retail ladder from Lot Attendant to General Manager to group marketing executive & VP, allowing him to gain a comprehensive knowledge of nearly every facet of the automotive industry along the away. Most notably, Chris is responsible for one of the largest single point Business Development/Internet Departments on the East Coast for large franchised dealerships. Able to boast a consistent delivery of nearly 1000 fresh sales opportunities monthly, Chris is bringing his extensive retail expertise to an exclusive list of clients who have consistently increased net profits and value since 2015.

Chris will be presenting:

Is Your Process Leaking Profit?

  • Find over $100K/month in lost opportunities with a fresh perspective on your process
  • Your digital marketing, BDC, Phone, and Lead handling processes are your #1 source for incremental increases in both gross and NET profit
  • We’ll review cost control structures to ensure everyone participates in the expense and success
  • Identify the metrics needed to effectively judge the ROI on the full spectrum of your Internet operations
  • Things your managers can do in just 30 minutes a day to add 15% to their paychecks
  • How this all ties together to create happier customers and more productive employees




Sean Stapleton

CEO & Co-founder - Dealer Teamwork

Sean Stapleton entered the automotive software industry by co-founding IMS, which was later acquired by Who’s Calling. He worked as Vice President of National Accounts and as Vice President of Automotive Sales for Who’s Calling, where he defined market expectations for the emerging Call Measurement and Monitoring industry. He later co-founded and established Visible Customer as an automotive market brand.

Sean joined VinSolutions as the Executive Vice President of Sales August 2010. Later named Chief Sales Officer and appointed to the VinSolutions’ Board in 2010, Sean was a key component in executing the next step in the company’s evolution: making the industry aware of its successes and new solutions.

VinSolutions realized growth of 678% under Sean Stapleton, contributing directly to the company being ranked by Inc. 500 in 2010 as the 33rd fastest growing software company and 447th fastest growing company overall, and listed again in 2011, 2012, and 2013! Sean was Chief Sales Officer when AutoTrader.com purchased VinSolutions in June of 2011. He ultimately became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VinSolutions prior to leaving the company in 2014.

Sean is a highly regarded sales leader and author in many top automotive trade magazines and a respected events speaker. With memberships in all major automotive networking groups, Sean’s expertise, leadership, and successful track record are sought as a consultant and mentor to many.

In addition to his work in the automotive industry, Sean Stapleton works as a major fundraiser for Merrick Inc., http://www.merrickinc.org/, a non-profit organization whose goal is to empower adults with disabilities through vocational and social opportunities. Sean resides in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and three children.

Sean will be presenting:

Learn how to create your biggest competitive advantage using your offer data! Change the way you manage your marketing and get more buyers to see your vehicles.

Sean Stapleton will show you what's wrong with today's digital marketing processes and how your marketing campaigns can be improved to create highly relevant results leveraging your transactional data.

Dealers struggle with creating, distributing and managing relevant marketing campaigns that connect more in-market buyers with their inventory. The entire process takes too long, is expensive and often ineffective. After talking with some of the most forward-thinking minds in the business, they agree we've solved these problems.

Learn how you can improve your campaign effectiveness, get more accomplished and create greater accountability for your marketing efforts using the newest and most disruptive platform in the retail automotive industry.

Key Presentation Takeaways:

  • How to identify the gaps in your current marketing processes (Make more money while spending less!)
  • How to prepare your website for quality traffic
  • How to convert in-market buyers
  • Why search engines need relevant content to rank your pages better
  • How to build the highest quality content and pages that search engines will love!




Bill Wittenmyer

Partner - ELEAD1ONE

Business Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Automotive Retail Champion

With over 25 years of automotive leadership experience, I’m passionate about helping others to realize long-term growth and success – as professionals, as leaders, and as individuals.

I've been honored to work with thousands of automotive retailers to reshape the future of our great industry by helping dealers to uncover growth opportunities. As a Partner at ELEAD1ONE, I rely on my proven experience and the industry’s most comprehensive technology platform to deliver data-driven strategies that enhance the customer experience while driving successful sales results and market share growth.

Bill will be presenting:

The Fix Is In: Proven Strategies to Win More Sales From Service

You have 7-10 more opportunities to win more consumer transactions in the service department than in sales. Stop letting your competitors steal your business and learn how to take advantage of the untapped business opportunities in your service drive. In this fast-paced session, you'll pick up heavy-hitting sales strategies that give you a strategic advantage when it comes to winning customer loyalty and sales opportunities.


  • Tips for reclaiming service business and leveraging your existing customer data to generate additional sales opportunities
  • Proven BDC strategies that boost appointment rates customer experience
  • Modern communications blueprint to connect with consumers effectively and build lasting relationships




Kerri Wise

VP - Dealer Marketing - TrueCar, Inc.

Kerri Wise is Vice President, Dealer Marketing at TrueCar. In her role, she leads dealer marketing and relations, ensuring dealers are aware of and engage with the TrueCar platform, tools and best practices.

Kerri's automotive career spans nearly 18 years consulting, training, and communicating with dealers and OEMs on digital marketing, consumer insights, and sales process. Prior to joining TrueCar, Kerri spent 4 years as an Executive Director of Dealer Training at Edmunds.com leading product and sales training for Edmunds dealers and the internal sales team. Kerri also spent 12 years at J.D. Power and Associates where she consulted both OEMs and dealers on automotive consumer insights.

Kerri earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University-Northridge.

Kerri will be presenting:

Habits of Highly Successful Dealers

A Tug-of-War exists in the car buying process. Today’s car buyer seeks to maintain control of the process, using information and technology to help them with each decision. On the same token, dealers also want to maintain control in order to protect their profitability and bottom line. The most successful dealers find a way to thrive in today’s transparent marketplace.

In this session, you will gain insights from a recent study of top performing dealers that enjoy close rates 2X better than their local competition, plus a study of car buyers nationwide. Specifically, this session will:

  • Examine the consumer pain points that top dealers successfully address
  • Identify the disconnects between the online and offline process
  • Highlight the specific tactics that help top performing dealers balance transparency and sales success




Jim Ziegler, CSP - The "Alpha Dawg"

President & CEO - Ziegler SuperSystems

James A. Ziegler, CSP, HSG... going on 40 years, Jim Ziegler's been a recognized industry, writer, speaker and super performer... a record setting manager with some of the top automobile dealerships in the country.

Jim's credentials include:

  • Worked with 15,000 dealerships nationwide
  • 100,000 Dealers, Managers and Executives attended his seminars
  • He's worked in 1000 showrooms in 200 cities in 49 states
  • Jim has been the featured keynote speaker 98 State Automobile Dealer Association Conventions
  • Rated in top ten workshop speakers at 14 National NADA Conventions
  • Featured speaker at three Digital Dealer Conventions, including Keynote at DD2 in Las Vegas
  • Widely read National Columnist, Dealer Magazine

Jim is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) , the most highly sought after ultimate earned designation with The National Speakers Association.

Jim Ziegler, the 'Alpha Dawg Himself' will take the stage with his controversial presentation...
"20 Things I'd Do Immediately If I Bought Your Dealership Today"

Ziegler has performed this presentation at three major automotive conferences in 2016 and this content has fueled a lot of conversation and debate. Jim Ziegler has earned a reputation for his ability to grow dealerships to the ‘Big Numbers’ in a short amount of time. Experience the Dawg on stage as he lets it all loose.

Many dealerships are using it to provoke discussions in their management meetings. Not everyone will be happy with Ziegler's in-your-face style of telling it like he sees it as he discusses who to hire, who to fire, what vendors to cancel and what vendors to hire. What process changes dealerships need to make, what dealers need to start doing with sales marketing, and what they need to stop doing: The man is going to draw the blueprint that you can use to crush competitors who weren’t smart enough to buy a ticket to this conference.



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  • How to ensure that your dealership doesn't waste a single opportunity to...

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In today's fiercely competitive retail environment, every dealership must be operating at maximum efficiency...

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